Your Life Starts Here

We all need a little help sometimes.

I am here to help you sort out and make sense of your journey.

Would you like to figure out what’s wrong and work on moving past obstacles? Do you need help understanding yourself and your strengths? The right therapy will really help you grow your life in the right direction!

Finding the right therapist is a first step that you can take to overcome challenges and create the happiest and most functional life you can. The best therapist for you is one that you feel comfortable with!

I help people with adapting to the real world:

  • emotional issues
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • neurodiversity
  • goal setting
  • breaking logjams
  • unwanted behaviour patterns
  • conflicts with others
  • empowerment
  • boundary setting
  • self-advocacy
  • religious abuse situations

I am especially invested in working with older adults and adults who may be on the autism spectrum.

Please call (804) 366-1345 today for an inital appointment and together we will discover how I can help you!

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